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GrayFoto is on a mission to create dramatic and beautiful photography and videography contact.

We are constantly pushing the limits of what we can do in constantly learning what we don’t know already. We take pride in understanding detail concepts and then re-creating them in a blink of an eye. With this advanced understanding we we take on various projects to create unique visual contact for individuals and brand. By using state of the art equipment and advance camera and lighting techniques, GrayFoto is always up for any challenge. Having experience creating informational concept videos and interactive portraits has given GrayFoto the edge in the Philadelphia market.

Mike Gray is an African-American photographer based in Philadelphia. In the work he creates and finds the essence in the subjects. By focusing on the details given from the client, Mike is able create breath taking images. As he continue to create he finds the need to learn new technics to add to his skill set. Being proficient in advanced studio light and environment light he is able is able to make a masterpiece in the toughest conditions. Having the ability to work in the media industry for also most ten years and being published photographer in national and local news outlet also large print billboards Mike have accomplished a lot. 

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